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At the Real de Minas Distillery in Santa Catarina Minas, we are in our eleventh generation of crafting iconic mezcal. For Mina Real Mezcal, we use an agave roasting technique that saves 25,000 pounds of wood per roast (that’s equal to one large tree!), using Oaxaca’s most ecological roasting oven.
Our production highlights aromatic agave cooked without charring and fermented with wild yeasts, before double-distillation in pot stills.

Bright & Elegant Flavor
Mina Real Mezcal is made from 100% Espadín agave and contains no additives.

  • Master Distillers: Arrelanes brothers
  • Approx. 26 Bx Sugars from Angustofolia Haw Espadín maguey grown at 4,800' in municipio of Sta. Catarina Minas, Oaxaca
  • Halved & quartered (cogollo removed) maguey cooked in cantera limestone kiln oven
  • 30hr roast including 6hr pre-roast to melt off bitters and 6hr cool down
  • Cooked maguey macerated with proprietary blade spindle destrozadora shredder
  • Fermented with together with bagazo, in 1,400L pine wood vats using airborne yeast strains
  • Double distilled in wood-fired 60L copper alembic serpentine pot stills to approx. 53% ABV then reduced with reverse osmosis demineralized water
  • No aging, bottled at 46% ABV
  • For more information, including Distributors and Retailers, please visit the Terranova Spirits website.

Where to Buy

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